Bethel, AK.

I have been slacking at posting in these last few Alaskan weeks as this part of my trip comes to a close. I am attempting to string some words together summarizing my time here, but I don’t think I’ll be able to fully until I’m onto the next place – Ecuador.

So until then, here are some photos from my recent adventure to Bethel, AK. My condensed Wiki-summary of the place:
Bethel is a town of over 6,000 people in the Alaskan bush. The population majority is native (Yup’ik). No roads lead anywhere outside of Bethel except for the “ice road” – the Kuskokwim River by boat, snow machine or truck depending on its state of being at the time. Bethel is the hub of 56 small villages. Random and surprising fact – there are more taxi cab drivers per capita here than anywhere else in the country.

Bethel is much like any other place in the US in several ways, but the differences make the town quite unlike anywhere I’ve ever been.

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4 thoughts on “Bethel, AK.

  1. This is one of our favorite places ever…I sent you an email…my blog has pictures of Bethel and the villages beyond…your blog brought back many memories. We still go there about four times per year to work in the schools..both in Bethel and beyond in the villages.


    1. Thank you much for the kind words and the email! They mean a lot. Bethel is not a place many visit or even hear about, but one of my best friends from college grew up there, so I went with her for a visit. A strangely beautiful and different place from the rest of the world. I hope to go back one day and visit more of the villages along the ice road!

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      1. I’m proud of you for going and visiting your best friend there..speaks to your personal that! We are all better people for going..special people out there. We always stay with Millie at Bentley’s…we even crashed a plane out in the tundra in 40 below… Makes me happy to see young people like you developing a world view in person…it will take you miles..keep it up..Go Forth, Laugh Often, and Fear Not…

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      2. Thanks for the wonderful advice. I will do my best with those things. 🙂
        Maybe I’ll see ya in Bethel next time!

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