rain and the simple life.

“I saw that it was the artificial needs of life that made me a slave; the real needs of life were more few.”
The Quest of the Simple Life, William J. Dawson

The longer I am away, the more I realize how little I actually need or want – whether it be material items or ideas of success. There’s much to get caught up in within our world, and though I’ve always known I’m meant for a simpler lifestyle, my mind easily plays tricks on me when I’m surrounded by the opposite.

Today, it rained. Not just rained – it stormed – for the first time since I’ve been Workaway-ing on this Ecuadorian farm. All of the plants were touched with life, and the thunder shook the windows with its relentless drone.
As the storm came to a close and the sun broke through the wall of thunder, I realized something.


Rain is universal. The sounds on each surface, the underwhelming scent you delight to inhale deeply and gradually, the ground and plants it bathes and nourishes, the contentment it brings to both the earth and the people on it. Rain has an interesting capability to make every place feel like home because of both the life and feeling of comfortability it releases.


Today on the farm, the rain did our afternoon’s work for us and brought new senses we have not felt in awhile. It put an end to the empty ponds and canals and was the initiation of something else – almost in a manner as simple and refreshing as the beginning of a new thought.


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