Adventure: Volga River (IA)

Today, I felt like having an adventure, so I decided to drive about an hour to a wine sale. (Hey, sometimes adventures start with booze.) I thought I should take some time in nature as well, so I looked for the nearest large green spot on the map.

Volga River State Recreation Area (Iowa) is where I ended up, and I’m elated about this random discovery.

The park is miles wide and filled with multi-purpose trails, campsites, equestrian camping areas, hunting/fishing areas, and gorgeous views. Not to mention it has a river running through it and a lovely lake.

So if you’re an Iowan or just passing through, I’d take some time to give it a go if I were you. Some people think Iowa is just cornfields and hog confinements…
And those people are right.  (hahaha)
But in the nooks and crannies in between, I’d say we have a lot to offer. 🙂

In pictures-

Here we go!sign

Look how happy my car is to be

Lake time.lake

Trails on trails on trails.trail

They have both regular and equestrian campsites available.camping

And more…archery

Pretty views and things.meow



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