Reflection: Freedom within Structure

It’s funny.
For so long, I felt that my sense of freedom came from an absence of structure. I thought it came from my ability to go with the wind in whatever direction it decided to take me. Maybe, at one point, that was true for me.


Looking back, I think I’ve always been wrong.

In the past few years, I haven’t been able to find that sense of freedom. Sure, I’ve done plenty of spontaneous traveling and have gone on as many adventures as I see fit. But for some reason, I’ve felt stuck in a cycle – continuous and similar. Since graduating college, I’ve spent a lot of time feeling trapped even though I have the ability to go wherever and do whatever I want to do (within reason).

I let myself get to a dark place for awhile, but I’ve realized something.

Throughout my whole life, structure has not been my enemy. It has been a dear friend.

I’ve escaped to different worlds in books assigned by high school teachers. I’ve held dialogue with people of all creeds and cultures in college meetings. I’ve created meaningful photos and artwork at the direction of inspiring professors. In fact, it seems most of my personal sense of freedom has come from some embodiment of structure.

Lately, I’ve been adding structure to my life involving what I love and what is healthy. Practicing music, daily photography, yoga and walks in the woods, weekly engaging conversation, taking time to breathe.

My own implementation of structure is slowly revealing to me the sense of curiosity, growth, and freedom I’ve been craving for so long.

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