A Reflection on Reflecting

I used to think that everything I wanted to do needed to happen RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT.
And I honestly was pretty good at making things happen that way.

In the past couple of years, I’ve slowed down and started going about things differently. At first, I didn’t like who I’d become. I always thought of myself as a “do-er,” and it frustrated me to feel incapable of making things happen at exactly the time I wanted them to.

I’ve finally begun to accept that taking time between “doing” to reflect and learn about yourself and your actions is healthy.

It’s a growing experience, and growing experiences are usually painful. Sometimes I feel incredibly stagnant and as if I don’t have an important purpose if I’m not spending all of my time acting on issues. In those times, I have to backtrack and remember that without learning and reflection, I might not know if what I’m doing is right for me, the people around me, the environment, or this crazy planet we call home.

So this is just a reminder in our success-driven, progress-obsessed, social mess of a world to remember to think, breathe and listen.

“You are worth more than your productivity.”

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