Transitioning Once Again

We still have a good stretch of summer left, but I can smell fall on the breeze and feel it in the cool nights.
What a summer it’s been.

As you may or may not know, I manage the kitchen at my family’s seasonal restaurant in Iowa. We are BUSY all the time. At the beginning of the summer, it didn’t leave me much down time as I was in the midst of moving, training several new employees, working on a schedule, etc etc etc.
Since then, I’ve gotten in a pretty good groove with my schedule and have learned how to find time to do the things I love in between.

Here is just a bit of what I’ve been up to:
1.) This is the first year I’ve dedicated myself to this blog. I’ve posted twice a week almost every week since February, and I’m proud of that.

2.) I entered some photos in the Iowa State Fair, and this photo made it to be on display. It was in the top 15% of its category.

3.) I did some interesting photoshoots that were out of my comfort zone.

4.) I spent as much time as I could on the river and on nature walks. 3

5.) I found an apartment with my boyfriend, made the decision to make it my last summer at the restaurant, and I am in the midst of planning for/saving up for a bigger move next year (more to come on that later).

6.) I finished the first Game of Thrones book.

7.) I did the Artist’s Way course to unblock my creativity and come to a better place with my spirituality. I am currently on the last week of it, and I can’t wait to spread my wings after I’m done.

Those are just some tidbits from a wonderful summer. A lot of change is on the horizon, and I have so many project ideas popping up in my head all the time. I look forward to the new season. ❤

2 thoughts on “Transitioning Once Again

  1. I think the fire photo is fantastic!

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