Trying Something New

Hello friends, followers, random passerby, and those who clicked because of my oh-so-catchy post title!

As you can tell by this clever tagline, I am giving something new a try on my blog. I’ve messed around with poetry, I’ve shown you thousands of my photos, I’ve contemplated an online journal of sorts, but I’ve grown bored in the last couple of months.
I’ve found myself posting mostly just photos lately, but I want MORE from myself.

I’m going through a period of growth in my photography, and I’m excited about it. I’m not sure where it’s going at this point, but I’m having a good time and have learned a lot, so why not share that knowledge and more of my journey?

On Wednesdays, I will still be posting my photos (for now), but on Sundays, I plan to go a little more in-depth with my photography process, photoshoot stories, and more.

Next Sunday will be my first post in this new format where I will be talking about letting your imagination loose and creating fantastical worlds and characters with your photography. Make sure to come check it out!

In the meantime, what have all you other photographers and creatives been working on lately? Share in the comments if you so desire! I look forward to it. ❤

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